Abdominal Training Made Simple

The importance of abdominal training is paramount for good looks, and also for good health and posture. Along with the low back muscles (spinal erectors), these are crucial to keeping the spine well supported throughout our everyday lives. In fact, some of the strongest back muscles you have are the abdominals!!

Today I would like to write about exercise, which is a very effective one for the upper as well as the lower abs specifically and the overall abdominals in general and is called:

Reverse Crunches – #1 Exercise

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This is an exercise that can be done by most us as an alternate to our regular methods. Most gyms should have an decline bench set up to allow for this motion. Many people use this exercise. Be sure to concentrate on this movement. If your lower back is not strong enough, or if it tends to aggravate it, refrain from doing this move.When properly done, you will see great results in the overall abdominals. so I suggest that you do it right from the “get-go.” This exercise requires that lie on your back so that you can reach up and grasp the bench above your head. Keep a slight bend in the elbows as you grasp the sides of the bench. Keeping your feet and knees together, bring the knees over your hips .

You are now ready to contract the abs as you lift and roll the pelvis toward the shoulders.

Just as you did not lift the back on the standard crunches, do not lift the back off of the sit-up board on this exercise. I have seen exaggerated versions of this move where the person exercising pulls the back completely off of the board so that the knees are virtually over the top of their head. You are not getting more from this exercise by this exaggeration. To the non educated, this looks like an impressive maneuver. Indeed, many more of the general population can realize the benefits of this reverse crunch by keeping the move simple. Exhale as you slowly contract the pelvis off of the board. Return the pelvis to the starting position slowly, inhale and repeat.

As you see, the exercise is very simple, however the simplicity of the exercise make it really effective. Do not forget to control your breeze during the exercise because this is very important. As you also know, exercising alone is only 40% of success. If you want to grow muscle, you should consume enough proteins and vitamins that will be used to build your muscle tissues and body recovery. Many professional athletes believe in wise supplementation and have been using growth hormone replacement as well as other  products such as Clenbuterol, Winstrol and Parabolan which handles both muscle and joint aches and pains allowing you to work through your training sessions with less pain and discomfort.


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